Instruments & Disciplines

No matter your musical background, our experienced and caring faculty are prepared to help you reach any goal you pursue.


Private piano lessons provide focused, one-on-one instruction, while guiding students to develop their unique talents at their own pace. Private lessons establish a solid foundation in theory, repertoire and polished technique. Students are exposed to a variety of musical concepts and skills while being inspired to achieve their goals. Having studied at some of the most prestigious universities and conservatories, our faculty are highly successful, experienced and caring musicians.

Instructors: Teresa Gotanco


Whether studying opera, music theater, or modern pop music, the basics of voice technique are still be applied. Technique refers to the way that we are able to control our singing voices, and in traditional terms this group of techniques is called bel canto. Bel canto is Italian for beautiful singing, which is the goal of every singer, regardless of style. It is our goal to use a combination of traditional classical and musical theater repertoire to help singers of all backgrounds master their individual techniques so they can apply them to whatever music they choose to sing.

Instructors: Samantha Ferrara, Teresa Gotanco, Skyler Klein, Devin McGuire

Guitar / Bass

Instructor: Devin McGuire

Packages & Pricing

Semester Package
17 Lessons | Mini-Recital
  • 30 minutes: $765
  • 45 minutes: $1,190
  • 60 minutes: $1,530
Full-Year Package
35 Lessons | Full Recital*
  • 30 minutes: $1,500
  • 45 minutes: $2,350
  • 60 minutes: $3,000

* accompanist fee not included

Summer Package
8 Lessons | June-August
  • 30 minutes: $475
  • 45 minutes: $575
  • 60 minutes: $760


Music Theory

Instructor: Devin McGuire



Instructor: Samantha Ferrara